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A partner for social solutions

Depending on the assignment, we act as the creative research, social innovation, technical or human-centred design partner. By co-creating together with stakeholders and experts, every solution is based on human needs and local opportunities, resulting in relevant innovations and effective designs. Our services range from a month of creative support to multi-year programmes.

Creative Research

Our research is as much about unpacking social problems, as it is about finding opportunities to address it. Using our participatory methods give us very quickly an insider perspective. Interactive exercises using photography, drawings and other creative methods, allow to engage and communicate with people in a meaningful way so that we can push beyond standard answers and gain new insights.

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We keep up to date with the newest technologies and constantly brainstorm on their potential for social change. The best fitting technologies however might not always be the newest. Therefore we always research the context and create cross-medial solutions; combining on and offline technologies to reach the biggest possible impact.

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True innovation to us is about creating new solutions that respond to people’s needs and the local context. We do this by looking for inspiration in other fields, from different viewpoints and building on existing opportunities. New ideas are given shape in a process of collective creativity with relevant stakeholders and continuous testing. This results in solutions that fit.

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Human Centered Design

Solutions that worked in one place might not work in another. The challenge in scaling up or replicating existing social solutions lies in keeping them rooted in human experience. We have tools and methods ready to ensure that human needs are in the centre of solutions, even when scaling up to other countries, target groups or topics.

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Our Method

In our method we combine design thinking and co-creation. It is a process, a mindset and a set of skills. Over the years we have developed tools and techniques that can be adjusted to local contexts and used to tackle any social issue. As a facilitator of this process we connect different people, release creativity, push to innovate and together come to solutions that work. Based on our method, every project goes through a similar design process divided into 5 different phases; setting the scene, research, ideation, create and test loop, and a successful handover.

All projects benefit from a sharply-defined social need, which becomes the primary focus throughout the project. It ensures that everyone is on the same page, shows what still needs to be researched, gives a first idea of potential solutions and identifies people that need to be involved.  

In conducting design research, we strive to gain a full understanding of the context in which we work. We expand on existing participatory, creative, ethnographic and design research methods. By combining an insider and outsider perspective, we are able to understand the context in novel ways and connect to the lived experiences of the target group.  

Ideation is the creative process of generating and visualizing new ideas inspired by developments in the creative and technology sectors. An open attitude and creativity come first; that is how we are able to build innovation and start with fresh ideas.  

The finer details of the solution are developed in a loop of testing and adjusting, until it suits the needs of the users and stakeholders involved. Rapid prototyping, first test products and real life trials ensure cheap fails and successful solutions.  

The client and the community are the driving force of a project's success. They are the ones who will carry out the new solutions and encourage them to grow. To support this, we prepare a handover including a long-term strategy capturing learnings, tips and tricks.  

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